"Merge to HDR" greyed out in Lightroom

If you're experiencing the problem where Lightroom's Merge to HDR Pro in Photoshop... option under the Edit In sub-menu is greyed out, the solution is to uninstall Lightroom, then re-install it.

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Why we should take Abbott's role as Minister for Women seriously

Yesterday it was revealed that Tony Abbott has appointed himself Minister for Women's Policies and Programs. On the face of it, he is possibly the person least suited for such a role in his ministry and this is widely regard as an idiotic move. However, if you think about it from Abbott's point of view, it is actually very clever. Simply put, his appalling record on women's issues is his single greatest political vulnerability. By taking this role upon himself, he is signalling his intent to neutralize such a threat.

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Removing old deployment tags from your repository

At work we use the capistrano-deploytags gem to tag deployments. The idea is to make it easier to cut hot fix branches should the need ever arise. The problem with this is that you end up with a great big pile of tags in your repo.

I don't know if there is any actual downside to having a huge number of repo tags, but it does clutter up the view in graphical git clients such as Tower or SourceTree. So I wanted a way to delete old tags.

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The Finder's Keepers Threshold

Yesterday evening as I was popping out to pick up some groceries, I found a $50 note in the courtyard of my apartment block. I felt a slight compunction in pocketing it, but finder's keepers, right?

Then, a few paces further on I found $270.


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Gender diversity at tech conferences

A couple of months ago someone tweeted the following question:

I responded with "yes", though in my case the point is moot - I don't get invited to speak at conferences, so its's easy for me to say yes.

At the time the controversy du jour was the male-dominated roster of speakers at a UK tech conference, as highlighted by this post by Matt Andrews. I know I'm coming in to this a bit late, and in the end it looks like they fielded 3 women out of 35 speakers, but there's a couple of observations I'd like to make.

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